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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

jo twins facts ❤

 Kwangmin is the Main Rapper.
 Boyfriend’s 4D Boy is Kwangmin.
Kwangmin is the younger one in the JO Twins, event though everyone mistaken him is the older one.
 Kwangmin is Very innocent and pure.
 Kwangmin is kind,he knows how to share things with others^^
 Something Kwangmin can’t do is grab the atmosphere.
 Kwangmin likes everything, he likes Pikachu too.
 Kwangmin, who is a fan of Dynamic Duo, wants to write his own rap lyrics in the future.
 According to Jeongmin, Kwangmin has a 4-Dimensional personality or have 4D Attitude.
 According to Jeongmin, Kwangmin is very innocent.
Kwangmin is bad at knowing the atmosphere.
 Kwangmin doesn't know how to wink, instead of winking, he's blinking. Lol.
 When Kwangmin forgets dance moves he asks Minwoo for help.
 Donghyun tried to draw a tiger in the coffee but the members have many guesses, Kwangmin thinks its Pikachu.
Kwangmin doesn’t like it when people bring up the times he cried..
 Kwang is 4D. He's in Kim Heechul's SJ line.
 "I am young, but my body is old" - Kwangmin
 When Kwangmin's tired he will act happily :3
 Kwangmin's too hyper.
 KwangMin compains when they put hairspray in his hair.Because he always forget to close his eyes and mouth,so cute right?
 Kwangmin was paired with A-Pink's Hayoung for the special stage.
 Kwangmin is known as prankster.
 Youngmin is the sub-Vocalist.
 Boyfriend's Charisma Boy is Youngmin.
 Youngmin is the older one in the JO Twins even though everyone mistaken him the younger, but he's the older.
 When Youngmin do something, he’s so involved and that makes him charming.
 Youngmin has a lot of pride.& He rages easily.
 Youngmin receives the leader’s minion, leader favors him.
 Youngmin wants get lots of fans, so he dyed his hair comes blonde.
✔ The first time Youngmin saw Hyunseong cried was on Hyunseong's birthday party.
 Youngmin wanted to be like TVXQ beacuse of their talents.
 Youngmin runs out of energy the fastest.
 Youngmin loves the camera and attention.
 Youngmin once opened the shower but he can't turn it off. He was nervous but he never knew it was automatic.
 When Youngmin stress,he will wash his hands.
 Youngmin thinks that Minwoo is smart and has nice style.
 When Youngmin is angry, he almost throws a tantrum.
 Youngmin's pride is very strong, the position of the leader suits him well.
Youngmin loved Girl's Day debut stage.
 Youngmin's pride is very strong, the position of the leader suits him well. When in anger, he almost throws a tantrum.
 When Youngmin is involved in something, he falls right into it. And he also have alot of charisma.
 A guy believed he was a girl and asked him out. Youngmin replied saying he has a boyfriend already.xD
 Youngmin dressed up as a girl for a school play.
 Youngmin has double eye-lids.
 Youngmin's speciality is his adorable looks.
 Youngmin was said to be the prettiest member in Boyfriend and everyone agreed.
 When they are making Let's Get it Started, Youngmin made a mistake and he cried because of that.
 Youngmin's so greedy for screen-time. He appeared a lot in Boyfriend MV.
 Youngmin has a mole on the right side of his neck.
 It's youngmin and Minwoo who are like twins 'coz they're always together.
 Youngmin really can't do gag, his gag is not funny at all.
 Youngmin has a prior acting experience in Jang Dong Gun's Hollywood debut.
 Youngmin was confused about what he did wrong during the dance, Minwoo got mad and ran to Kwangmin.
 Youngmin likes Pooh bear, Minwoo likes Mickey mouse, and Kwangmin likes Pikachu!
 YoungMin gets angry when others think he is younger than KwangMin.
 Youngmin is older than Kwangmin by 6 minutes!
 Jo twins are similar each other, and they are identic twins. But they have differences too.
 Jo Twins is ulzzang and had shooted over 300 CF since they had grew to 100 days.
 JoTwins jaw line, YM has more long jaw line & his smile's more bright,& KM has oval jaw line & his smile is cute & calm & manly.
 Jo twins also knows how to act.
 JoTwins have been famous before debut in BoyFriend.
JoTwins is full of mystery :D they were JYPE trainees, they were in many variety show, they are in 300+ CFs~
 Jo Twins had filmed 300+ CFs 'coz they started doing/filming CFs at the age of 1.
 JoTwins has been in many variety shows, such as: Star King ( as twins ), & etc.
 Jo Twins are the tallest member of Boyfriend at the height of 180 cm or 5'9 feet.
 Youngmin is too tired when Kwangmin is too hyper.
 Youngmin’s face is longer than Kwangmin’s
 Youngmin's more thin than Kwangmin.
 JoTwins like to put something in their mouth :3
 JoTwins like to play around :3
 JoTwins want everything they had done have to be PERFECT.
JoTwins will cry if they made fault.
 JoTwins can fall asleep easily. The same position, the same time.
 The Jo Twins love immature things.
 JoTwins like immature things, thats why they are still childish.
Jo Twins cries easily.
 Youngmin has bigger eyes that Kwangmin.
 When talking normally,Kwangmin has a slightly deeper voice than Youngmin.
 The JoTwins love the name slugs.
 Kwangmin is hyper than youngmin.
 JoTwins are not good at doing gag.
 Kwangmin and Youngmin really can't do gag, they're gag is not funny at all.
 Jo twins and Minwoo attends same school.
 Jo twins complaint that they stop growing(but isn't it, they're tall enough..kkk~:D).
 Jo twins said that they look like their father.
 Kwang wanted blonde hair like Young but the company said no, since they're twins lol.
 JoTwins have a younger brother named Hyunmin.
 If you put the Jo Twins names together you get the word ‘honor’ (YoungKwang).
 Kwangmin once got wounded when Youngmin pinched him during one of their CF shooting.
 Kwangmin claims that Youngmin uses foul language off camera.
 Jo Twins (KwangMin and YoungMin) as well as Minwoo starred as students on MBC‘s Daily Sitcom All My Love (Korean Drama).
 In d' sitcom all my love, it's KM who's quite between Jo twins but in real, it's YM who's kinda quiet & it's KM who's active.
 Youngmin is too tired when Kwangmin is too hyper.
 When people first meet the twins, its a bit confusing but after meeting a few times, they'll know the difference.
 Donghyun said that the Jo twins are Boyfriend's visual.
 JoTwins and Minwoo quickly gained popularity and many fan's attention after debut for their visuals, singing and dancing ability.
 JoTwins earn themselves the nickname "Pet Idols".
 The Jo Twins represents flowers because Donghyun stated that they are the flowers of Boyfriend.
 JoTwins sleep at the same time in the same position.
 Starting in June,Jo Twins, make their debut on being the MC for Music Core, due to Onew and Minho being away on Japan activities.
 Jo Twins were actually been known as the Kim Hyung Jong look-alike on the truth game that was played on SBS on the pre-debut days.
 Kim Hyun Joong finally meets his look-alikes, Boyfriend’s Youngmin & Kwangmin.

JoTwins got their first kiss from a nuna staff when their still young kids.
 Kwangmin is so bright that's why youngmin likes to be with him.
 Kwangmin said that 'cause of boyfriend's scheds he doesn't have much time for his family but Youngmin said "but i'm your family"!
JoTwins' face are categorized in fox because their face are in oval.
 JoTwins' are BoyFriend's flower boys.
 Youngmin and Kwangmin confessed that they got their first kiss stolen by a noona staff on KBS 2TV Happy Together 3
 youngmin loves the camera and attention while kwangmin is more shyer and doesn’t get a lot of screen time.
 The twins like messing around with the staff noonas.
 The twins were about 140cm until they hit Junior High were they had a growth spurt.
 Jo Young Min & Jo Kwang Min appeared in Sistar’s MV “Push, push”.

 The Jo Twins are learning Japanese.
 The Jo Twins looks like Kim Hyun Joong from SS501.
 Jo Twins are sensitive.
 Youngmin is taller than Kwangmin.
 Kwangmin sometimes calls Youngmin by Hyung.
 Youngmin, Kwangmin, and Minwoo are in the same school, Seoul Arts High School together with Miss A Suzy.
 Youngmin and Kwangmin have different personality. Kwangmin is more shy than Youngmin.
 Kwangmin listens to everyone well, but Youngmin does not!
 Kwangmin has a bright personality, but Youngmin has a dark one.
 Kwangmin doesnt talk a lot like his twin, Youngmin.
 Kwangmin is hyper but Youngmin is not, he prefers being 'easy-to-be-tired'.
 Kwangmin is good at dancing but Youngmin isnt as good as Kwangmin at dancing.
 JoTwins wear couple rings!
JoTwins are more busy than other members.
 JoTwins don't get enough time to sleep because of their schedule.
Because JoTwins cry easily, they're called Baby-Twins.
 When they did the first rehearsal, JoTwins did the same mistake.
 When JoTwins were kids, they always had the same hair-do.
 JoTwins claimed their-self dont grow anymore.
 The twins were JYPE trainees for 2 years. :O
 Donghyun said that the Jo twins are Boyfriend's visual.
 Jo twins are afraid of things that explode! (well,me too..for example:BALLOON)
 Jo Twins has been a JYPE trainees before that's why they're quite close w/ 2pm!
 JoTwins ever trained together with 2PM!
 YoungMin is a anxious person while KwangMin is a calm person.
 KwangMin is a fan of Dynamic Duo, so he decided to write the lyrics of his rap parts. While YoungMin just wish Boyfriend Group can grow up like TVXQ.

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